Trego Road

Trego Road

Project Description

Project:           Trego Road
Type:               New Build – Mixed Use
Location:        Fish Island, Hackney Wick, Hackney, London
Description:   Mixed-use scheme providing 20,000 sq ft commercial space and 52 new homes

Architect:            pH+ Architects
GDV:                    £36,500,000.00
land Purchase:    £9,700,000.00
Total Cost:           £23,850,000.00
Status:                 Under Construction

Located in the Hackney Wick, a thriving creative hub in East London, Trego Road scheme comprises of 52 residential units with public and green spaces on the ground level and a commercial space of 20,000 sq ft.

The project aims to emphasises on the concept of shared space where residential, creative and public spaces meet. Organised around a collection of tiered yards, parks, and gardens, the scheme aims to establish shared cross-over spaces for groups to meet and shape by blurring the meaning and boundaries of planning uses divisions, mirroring the organic situation that has arisen in Hackney Wick.

The scheme’s formal and organised masonry street facing elevations are juxtaposed against a more organic informal metallic materiality that lines and defines the yard spaces, evoking the historic language of the area’s more industrial structures.

Phoenix Yard

Project Description

Project:           Phoenix Yard
Type:               New Build – Mixed Use
Location:        Kings Cross, London
Description:   New build scheme with retained original features of the former building providing 5 luxury apartments along with 20,000 sqf office space.

Architect:               SEH. Shepheard Epstein Hunter Architecture
GDV:                      £12,500,000.00
land Purchase:      £8,025,000.00
Status:                   Planning

Phoenix Yard is located in the heart of Central London providing excellent transport links with its rich history extending to the 17th century. The building’s current use is a mix of open-plan and private offices benefiting from exposed services, excellent natural light, and good floor-to-ceiling heights throughout.

The existing building will be transformed by KNT Development into mixed-use offices spanning over 20,000 sq ft and 5 high-end residential units in this highly sought-after location.

Lee High Rd

Project Description

Project:           Lee High Road
Type:               New Build – Residential
Location:        Lewisham Central, London
Description:   New build Mixed-use scheme providing 8000sqf commercial space and
17 mix New Homes.

Architect:             Alan Camp Architects
Land Purchase:    £2,300,000.00
Total Cost:           £5,600,000.00
GDV:                    £9,650,000.00
Status:                Under Construction

Located in the one of the most highly sought after location in South London, Lee High Road offers generous and flexible commercial space on the ground and the basement floors as well as 17 new homes varying from 1 to 3 bedrooms.

​Car parking is available at the site’s rear, with two spaces reserved for wheelchair users. There are 30 secure cycle storage spaces available. Commercial cycle spaces are located at the back of the building.


Tamworth Yard

Project Description

Project:          Tamworth Yard
Type:               New Build – Residential
Location:        Croydon Central, London
Description:   An infill development of 9 new homes

Architect:             Stitch Architects
GDV:                     £4,100,000.00
Land Purchase:     £1,283,100.00
Total Cost:            £1,935,000.00
Status:                 Under Construction

Located in the heart of Croydon, Tamworth Yard project responds to the highly constrained site to deliver 9 new homes distributed across 2 blocks arranged around a central courtyard.

The scheme rejuvenates a damaged part of the conservation area and presents a new street presence along Tamworth Place. From an existing site condition which offered no soft surfaces at all, the residential proposal is supported by a rich landscape design which follows the journey from street to central courtyard and into the private amenity spaces of the new homes.


25 Haling Park Road

Project Description

Project:           Haling Park Road
Type:               New Build – Residential
Location:        South Croydon Central, London
Description:   New Build 8 Residential Units

Architect:              Tone Architecture
Land Purchase:     £1,050,000.00
Total Cost:             £1,850,000.00
GDV:                      £3,950,000.00
Status:                  Under Construction

Minutes from the East Croydon Station; Haling Park Road project consists of 8 self-contained residential units with dedicated parking space for each flat.

The development was designed in a way that the lower ground floor level would be predominantly screened from the public highway. The building would therefore have the appearance of a two storey property with accommodation within the roof space. All flats will be accommodated on the upper storeys. The scheme is designed to have a distinct character like no other in the vicinity.

Northcote Road

Project Description

Project:           Northcote Road
Type:               Refurbishment – Residential
Location:        Clapham, London
Description:   Refurbishment of two bedroom flats and a town house with a ground floor commercial space.

Architect:             Tone Architects
GDV:                     £2,650,000.00
Land Purchase:     £1,350,000.00
Total Costs:           £548,000.00
Status:                  Completed – Kept As Investment Property

The three storey terraced house is located in the heart of Clapham’s bustling Northcote Road. The project, which comprises of three residential units and a commercial space, involved careful refurbishment of the existing building and extension which made way for a town house with off street access.

The scheme focuses on the internal changes which work within the original character of the building and contributed the streetscape.

Queens Road

Project Description

Project:           Queens Road
Type:               New Build – Residential
Location:        Queens Road, London
Description:   9 Luxurious apartments with pub and generous commercial space.

Architect:              Tone Architects
Land Purchase:      £1,100,000.00
Total Cost:             £1,300,000.00
GDV:                      £3,800,000.00
Status:                    Planning

The Project occupies a prominent position on Queen’s Road at the corner of Kender Street. It is equidistant to Queens Road Peckham and New Cross Gate stations (East London Line and National Rail from London Bridge).

The new five-storey mixed-use development will include the rejuvenated pub and new commercial space, as well as 9 residential units, ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms.

Martineau Drive

Project Description

Project:          Martineau Drive
Type:              Refurbishment
Location:       Twickhenam
Description:   House Renovation

Architect:      Tone Architect
GDV:               £4,100,000.00
Total Cost:     £3,750,000.00
Status:           Retain For Rental Income

KNT Development acquired and developing exclusive gated development for the new owner. Property Set in only a short distance from The River Thames, this family home is a truly stunning design, With 3 reception rooms, 6 bedrooms, exceptional front and rear garden and further benefits from off-street parking and a garage.

We are glad to be agreed to personalise and develop the property for the new owner. Our extensive improvement includes complete new internal design, smart home system, home cinema, garden design and large kitchen extension.