About Us


Who We Are

KNT Development is a sister company of CMT Construction, and the real estate arm of KNT Group that exists as a private equity firm based in Central London. Since our establishment, we have been involved in a number of notable commercial and residential projects. We utilise our vast experience and knowledge to succeed in all our developments.

Our History
We are proud to be part the construction and development industry for over three generations, with an outstanding track record and many completed projects under our belt. There are family members that engage in the business at all levels, and KNT Development considers every member of our strong team very much part of the extended family. We invest in people because we believe that people are our future, and it is bonds such as these which further drive the success of our company.

Our Values
With each passing generation, we have grown our company by building upon our core values.
• Celebrate People – Working together to empower one another and make the most of our success
• Be Creative – Maintaining the individuality of our developments by finding the best solutions tailored to each individual
• Deliver Excellence – Collaborating with top-level professionals at all stages of development to sustain our large customer base
• Nurture Nature – Committed to providing a sustainable future that reduces the overall environmental impact of our work, whilst upholding the modern standards of innovation, security, and safety.

Our Approach
We approach all our projects with a landscape-led mindset. We actively seek land opportunities within the M25 that can provide a maximum return on investment. Regardless of their time constraints or complexities, we ensure our developments are completed in a timely manner to their fullest potential, whilst exceeding creative, cost, and revenue expectations.
In the end, we are rewarded with construction that fits like a glove among the natural landscapes they find themselves in. We understand the challenges faced by living in cities, and actively approach each development with the determination to reshape the outlook of urban living.

Our Vision

From the beginning, KNT Development has set out to re-imaging the current development industry in its approach and application, in order to bring positive changes to our world and future generations.

We aim to reap the greatest benefits from our efforts. To do this whilst preserving our environment is our ultimate goal. Not only do we want to create better habitats for our people and our society, but we are determined to enhance and enrich our environment at the same time.

We strongly believe that by being kind to our planet and reducing our overall environmental impact, it will return the favour in the hereafter beyond our imagination.

For this reason, we have been headstrong with each project we develop and everyone we collaborate with, to make conscious efforts to
• reduce our carbon footprint
• preserve our natural biodiversity
• increase our utilization of sustainable materials

In the coming years, we aim to lead the industry in providing sustainable solutions to development.

Our Motto

For each project we develop, we will deliver the highest quality of construction, by providing the best available designers and tradesmen in the business.